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Lighting & Decor 2020


Modern Farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse is a mixture of vintage and modern, often featuring clean lines and simple design. Natural textures – such as reclaimed wood or hammered metals and glass – as well as vintage touches – such as Edison bulbs – are common characteristics. Prominent metals such as wrought iron, industrial gears, wire, and mesh are…


Transitional Lighting is a midway point between traditional and modern styles. These lights complement a wide range of decor choices or an eclectic mixing of styles. They are sophisticated while also being streamlined stylistically, minimalist yet practical; Straight lines and simpler curves also help to define this style. Transitional Lighting is sure to remain relevant…

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern is the design movement that became popular after WWII in 1945 and continued into the late 1970’s. Materials like plywood, aluminum and steel are utilized and the satellite Sputnik inspires the chandelier. Incorporating blonde woods, lighter brass and gold tones, and well-placed geometric design, Mid-Century Modern emboldens asymmetry, nature and natural light. It…

Updated Traditional

Updated Traditional is lighter, simpler and more subtle then the old traditional. Although still encompassing elements of dramatic detail, it is a little more relaxed. Updated Traditional gives a new kind of leeway to experiment with style. It is simpler, uncluttered, and unified in palette. Often enveloped by neutrals, vintage pieces and colors may be…


Clean lines, sleek shapes, and smooth surfaces can define contemporary lighting. Think minimalist: well-chosen and well-placed accessories, furniture, and lighting work to create maximum statement. Contemporary looks love layered lighting and the more natural light the better. Down lights and rail lights can help you showcase photography and art.